Health Choice Network (HCN) is committed to training and development opportunities for the staff at the health centers we serve.


AllianceChicago, an HCN collaborator, developed and implemented the Community for Health and Empowered Community-based Scientist (CHECS) project. Through funding from the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program, the CHECS project provided a patient-centered outcomes research and community-based curriculum, designed to engage community health centers (CHCs) to achieve successful uptake of research and dissemination.  As a part of the project, web series have been developed to increase the knowledge, skills, and partnerships to advance research efforts.  The web series can be found on the Clinical Directors Network (CDN) website.


Participants who complete webcast trainings receive Continuing Medical (CME), Nursing (CNE), Social Worker (CE-SW), and Community Health Education (CHES) credits.


CHECS Webcasts are available here:

To submit a research idea to Health Choice Network, please complete the HCN COLLABORATION FORM.

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